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The solution for the mandatory ECM certification (EU 2019/779)
for maintenance companies on rail vehicles

From June 2022, every company involved in the maintenance of railway vehicles must be certified in accordance with the aforementioned regulation. Within the online management system you will find the necessary tools to simplify this process: eg risk management with regard to safety-critical components, process descriptions with regard to maintenance development, planning and implementation.

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ECM certification from June 16, 2022 mandatory for all companies that carry out maintenance and repairs on railway equipment

Article publication date: 29-10-2021

Partly as a result of the train disaster at Viareggio in 2009, in which 31 people died, rules regarding maintenance of railway equipment have been accelerated in a European context. The investigation into the causes of the accident showed, among other things, that there were various uncertainties with regard to the maintenance performed on the wagons. That is why it must now be clear for each rail vehicle who is responsible for maintenance (the ECM – Entity in C harge of M aintenance).

Every party involved in the maintenance process of rail vehicles must comply with the European Regulation EU 2019/779 (appendix 2 in particular). This regulation sets requirements for the management system of the company in question (the ECM – Entity in Charge of M aintenance ). After certification, these companies are included in a European register: European Railway Agency Database of Interoperability and Safety (ERADIS) . Since June 2013, this directive has already been applicable to maintenance companies that focus on freight wagons. From 16 June 2022, the mandatory certification also applies to parties involved in maintenance of other railway equipment such as locomotives.

The requirements are focused on the 4 functions within the maintenance process:

Function I Management (ECM I)

This function is the basis for every maintenance company and is therefore always included in the certification. It concerns general requirements for the (maintenance) management system, such as requirements with regard to policy, objectives, document management, training of personnel, etc.

Function II Maintenance Development (ECM II)

This function is applicable to companies that focus on the requirements of maintenance, maintenance documentation such as manuals and schedules. Annex 2 of EU 2019/779 shows the requirements that the maintenance company must ensure in its business processes.

Function III Planning (ECM III)

These are the companies that ensure that maintenance is planned and that railway equipment is taken out of service on time and put back into service. A number of specific requirements have also been formulated for this position.

Function IV Maintenance (ECM IV)

This concerns the companies that actually carry out maintenance, overhauls and repairs. Just like the other 2 functions, a number of specific requirements have also been formulated here.

Support by WE-Management International BV

WE Management has successfully assisted a number of railway equipment maintenance companies with the ECM certification. The experiences gained with this have been translated into the approach and the Online Management System (OMS). With this, WE-Management offers a total solution in which the complex requirements are translated into a clear framework. The required registrations are collected in the online system, which makes it easy to demonstrate that the company meets the requirements. Furthermore, the OMS offers a set of process descriptions (procedures) and forms (online registrations) that can easily be converted to your situation. Of course, the existing procedures and forms can also be included in the OMS.

ECM certification for wagon maintenance has been mandatory for a number of years. We have been able to gain important insights from this sector that are translated into ECM certification for, for example, maintenance of locomotives. A concrete example is the interpretation of safety-critical parts that the directive specifically refers to and sets requirements for.

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Consultant Management Systems Rail

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